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Dee Beavers
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Welcome to a new school year!
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Hi!  My name is Mrs. Beavers, and I am happy to have your child in my classroom this year.  On this page, you will find helpful hints that will make this year a successful school year. 

Important Information: E-Learning Link
ELearning for School Closures

This link is for up-to-date information for school closures, if it becomes necessary.

If it becomes necessary for Seymour Community Schools to close and conduct ELearning, your child will log into Google with their Google Log in username and password.  Their user name is 28lastnamefirstname and password is their student number with three zeros added.  Please log into Google Classroom for the most up-to-date learning for the day.  If you are having difficulty, please email me at


Students that meet with the following teachers may contact them at the following addresses:

Mrs. Hildreth

Mr. Lewis 


Mrs. Lenart


Classroom Aides:

Mrs. Loebker


Mr. Stanfield


Mrs. Tarrants



E-Learning Link

Welcome to E-Learning

Please click on the above link for E-Learning Information.

Google Classroom Code:  xzqa25

This link is for elearning practice only.




In reading, we study novels, short stories from our text, and self-selected chapter books. 

The following links are to our reading comprehension daily practice pages:

Record your answers on notebook paper, then enter your information in the form below.

Click on the link.

In Math we work on problem solving.  We also do a few project-based learning activities.  All children need to have a mastery of mulitiplication facts.

Complete the following task cards on your answer sheet.  As you finish a set, check with Mrs. Beavers if you may move on.

We have our specials each day from 10:30-11:10.

Monday:  Computer Lab
Tuesday:  Gym
Wednesday:  Library
Thursday:  Art
Friday:  Music


Please check your child's agenda for homework.  You do not need to sign your child's agenda. 

Brain Breaks
Ever once in awhile, you need to take a break.
youtu.be/M8a9yj7IOOo  Everybody Dance Now!
youtu.be/gIdLRftdrH8    The Cha Cha Slide
www.youtube.com/watch  Dynamite!
youtu.be/nXSUIKkCmmI What Makes You Beautiful!

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