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Welcome to my Page!
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Welcome to my webpage! 

Weekly Agenda
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Language Arts 8:45-9:15

Group 1- Henkle and Kiel's Class

Language Arts 9:15-9:45 

Group 2-  Lewis and Klakamp's Class

Language Arts 9:45-10:15

Group 3- Ayers Unterseher, Moffett's Class


Group 4-  Edgecomb,Thias's Class

Language Arts 10:30-11:00

Group 5- Bobb, Kiel's Class

Language Arts 11:00-11:30

Group 6- Burbrink, Edgecomb's Class

Math 1:15-1:45

Group 7- Lewis's Class


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Nancy Haehl
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812-522-5621 ext. 2201

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