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Weekly News

Just a reminder--

  • Please look at and sign your child's agenda each night. 
  • Please send a note (a note in your agenda will be fine) if your child's transportation will be different.
  • Redding now has a Twitter account.  You can follow the school-- @reddingschool   Enjoy!

Classroom Links
Daily 5/Literacy

Here is a link for an online site with activities to practice your weekly vocabulary and spelling.  Look under the section "Reading Street Online Games." Then, click on "Third Grade Online Games."  Finally, look for our weekly story.  The activities are listed below the story.  Have fun practicing!


Below are a couple of links students are encouraged to use to boost their math fluency.

**This is a great site to practice math fluency.  Students use this site everyday in class as part of our morning work routine.  Everyone starts off with addition.  The next topics are subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Students are working on answering quesitons fluently.

**Don't let the name fool you.  :)  On this site you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Your child can take online tests which are timed and graded online, or your child can play math games to practice their facts.  

**Students can log into Prodigy with their username and password.  Here they can practice math skills that are individualized to their learning level!  

Our Schedule
Special Classes  11:25-12:05
  • Monday   Library
  • Tuesday  Art
  • Wednesday  Computer Lab
  • Thursday  P.E.
  • Friday   Music

Lunch  12:15-12:45
Recess  12:45-1:15

Grading Scale
92-100    A
83-91      B
74-82      C
65-73      D
and below  F

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