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Mrs. Stahl will be using this website to post upcoming events, things that are happening at Redding & throughout the school corporation, current newsletters, educational websites, pictures, and more!  

Food and Blanket Drive:

  • Send your child with a canned good or a blanket to school this week!
Help Our School:
  • Box Tops for Education 
  • Campbell's Labels for Education

Homework for 12/7--12/11
  • Monthly Homework Folder--Due Friday (12/11)
  • Little Readers--Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Nursery Rhyme Book: Monday Evening
What's going on in Kindergarten:
Kindergarten Literacy Skills:
Writing: Students are still working on writing their names correctly. Students should start their name with uppercase letters, finish the rest with lowercase, and write no backwards letters. We are also working on writing the letters Aa-Zz. 

Popcorn Words: Students should be able to recognize and read the following words: red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, black, pink, a, girl, boy, I, am, is, we, go, the, little, see, & can, to, yes, no, & this, said, like, have, my, it, at, look

Letters and Sounds: We have made it through the whole alphabet. Now, we are slowing down and doing a letter each week. So, far we have worked on, Mm, Tt, Aa. 

Reading: Students will continue to bring home little books. You and your child should continue to work on 1-1 finger tracking. Be proud of them reading and take your turn to read  to them everyday! Just think of the language and words your child will be introduced too in just that one book! 

     Reading Comprehension Questions: 
  • Where does the story take place (setting)?
  • Who is the main character?
  • Who are other characters in the story?
  • What is the story about?
  • Is there a problem in the story? If so, how is the problem solved by the end?
  • Did you like this story? Yes or No? Why?
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend? Yes or No? Why? 
Kindergarten Math Skills:
Numbers: Students should be able to recognize and write numbers to 20. This week we will start math stations.

Counting: Students need to start practice counting to 50. If they can go further let them!

Shapes: Students should be able to recognize 2-D shapes (rectangle, triangle, hexagon, circle square). We will begin 3-D shapes this week (sphere, cone, cube, cylinder)

Contact Me!
Mrs. Stahl
812-522-5621 ext. 2301

Created: Sep 10, 2013
Updated: Dec 7, 2015
Viewed 375 times

Contact Me!
Mrs. Stahl
812-522-5621 ext. 2301

Created: Sep 10, 2013
Updated: Dec 7, 2015
Viewed 375 times